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Most of us drive every day. We feel that we’re under control when we’re behind the wheel of our vehicles because we’re so used to being there. While it is something we do often, driving still remains one of the most physically and mentally demanding things that a person can do. It requires constant attention and vigilance to not only keep ourselves safe but to watch out for others.

Adding distractions to your driving, like cell phones, can and will cause more harm than good. We may try to alleviate some of the distractions by going hands-free with our phones, but research shows that hands-free use has no significant benefit!

Each time you drive, you are taking a risk. A risk that you’re ready to drive, and a risk that those around you are being safe while they drive as well. Allowing yourself to be distracted by cell phones, food, applying makeup, or any other number of distractions makes that risk increase exponentially.

Each year the number of accidents involving distracted drivers is growing. The next time you’re driving and your phone buzzes or beeps, please remember the dangers and leave it alone until your vehicle is stopped and in park.

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