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With 20 years of experience, 11 locations, and over 50,000 students successfully educated, we are the #1 driving school in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Safety comes first for all of our students.

1) When is your next driver education class?
We offer monthly classes in all 14 of our locations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. In addition to this, we also offer online training in New Brunswick. For a more complete list of dates and times, please visit the location pages of the location closest to where you reside. This is found at the top of our website under “locations”.
2) How much does your driver education program cost?
We have a number of locations throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Prices vary by location. For complete pricing information please visit the location page for your community, where you will find the upcoming classes, the pricing options as well as online registration options.
3) Do you have online training in Nova Scotia?
Regretfully, we do not have online training in Nova Scotia. It is only available in New Brunswick.
4) Can I just take hourly driving lessons instead of taking the whole drivers education program?
Priority for in car delivery is always given to our full driver education program students. However, in select locations, we do offer hourly lesson packages. Please contact our head office at 1-800-363-1194 to inquire about hourly lessons.
5) I took your course a couple of years ago and I can’t find my certificate. Can I get a replacement from you?
We may be able to provide you with a replacement certificate depending on how long ago you took our course. We generally keep student files for 3 years, maximum. In the event that we are able to locate your student file, we can provide you with a replacement. The cost for this service is $25.00.
6) Do you teach your in car lessons on a standard or manual transmission?
We teach our in car lessons in late model Honda Civics with Automatic transmission only.
7) Can I take the classroom portion prior to my 16th Birthday?
Yes, students are eligible to take the driver training classroom portion, prior to turning 16 years old and/or prior to obtaining their 7L license. The 10 hours in car portion must be put on hold until the student successfully obtains their 7L license
8) How long will it take to complete the course?
An average of 9 months, as this is the standard period of eligibility between the time one obtains their 7L license and is eligible to do the final road test at Access NS. Some students may start the drivers education program and have had their beginners and are eligible immediately, we will accommodate to the best of our abilities, but cannot guarantee.
9) How do I know who my instructor is?
Once student is paid in full and completed the 25 hours in the classroom and has their 7L, the student will receive automated email with the instructors name & preferred contact info.
10) When will I start my in car portion of my driver training?
The in car portion will commence once the student has successfully obtained their 7L drivers license, completed the 25 hours in the classroom (including any make-up time that needs to be completed) and has paid the course fee in full.
11) How long are the in car lessons?
Depending on the instructor assigned, lessons will be 1.5 hours or 2.0 hours; the lessons will total 10 hours driver training in the car.
12) Will I be ready for my road test after the 10 hours behind the wheel?
Each individual has unique ways of learning and approaching new challenges, our instructors have the ability to adapt teaching techniques to individual learning styles. We strive, but do not guarantee students will pass their final road test. We offer additional lessons at a discounted rate to our students if this is required. All students are required to practice 3-5 hours between lessons, which will increase the success of any driver.
13) Who can I practice with?
Individuals with 7L license are permitted to drive with any one individual with a valid Class 5 license.
14) What if I require more than 10 hours in the car?
RightLane offers extra hourly lessons to students that require extra practice at a discounted rate. You can speak to your instructor about this, or contact our office.
15) When and who books my road test at Access NS?
RightLane driving instructor assigned to you will book the road test based on the availability of the student as well as the car. Access NS books 6-8 weeks in advance, so it’s important to have your road test purchased ASAP. Road test receipts can be purchased online (https://isd.acol.ca/isd/rmv/RoadTest/Start.do?lang=en) or at any local Access NS location.Instructors MUST have a road test receipt to book a time slot.
16) When will I get my certificate?
Students will receive their certificate of completion, once the student has successfully completed the 25 hours in the classroom as well as the 10 hours behind the wheel. In car instructors will give the certificate to the students once the above criteria is met. (25 hours in class + 10 hours in car)

All other questions, please email nsinfo@rightlanedriving.com or call our office (506) 406-4115