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Steps to Take for Teen Drivers with ADHD – A Short Guide

1 May, 2018

Earning the driver’s license is a major milestone in a teen’s life. The added independence from Parents, of course, will worry whenever their teen goes out to drive -- they know that inexperience can be dangerous. Even the best driver education for teens in Halifax, NS or Saint John, NB won’t be able to give teens the experience that adult drivers have. It’s a basic rule of life that t..

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Keep Your Eyes (and Mind) Open While You Drive

15 Apr, 2018

Driving is one of those activities which really is whole-body. As you drive you will use your hands, feet, head, arms, eyes, and ears to make sure you and everyone else stays safe.You also need to be using your mind. Your mind may be the most important tool while you drive, because your mind will help you make sense of everything that’s going on. You will get excellent driver training in N..

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I’m Not a Mechanic (7 Things Teens Should Know about Cars)

22 Feb, 2018

You’ve been eagerly waiting for your turn to drive. You’ve studied for the test. You’ve gone to driving school in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. You’ve earned your license to drive. But do you know what you need to know about that 1,500 kg of car you’re driving? We’re sure you--or your parents--know a reliable mechanic. That’s great. But you also need to know things about the machi..

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Parents as Partners in Teen Driver Education: Everyone Has a Role

8 Feb, 2018

One major event in the life of every teen--and every teen’s family--is receiving a driver’s license. For the teen, it means freedom and independence. For parents, it means a decrease in serving as chauffeur--and an increase in worry as parents hope their teens will drive safely. Driver’s education for teens throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick--and the rest of Canada--involves a numbe..

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25 Jan, 2018

Learning how to do things--new skills--can be more enjoyable than other things we go to school for. The process can also be a bit boring, because frequently you have to repeat the same action over and over again. The reward for that repetition is the fact that the skill becomes automatic--it becomes part of you. Your driving school instructor in either NB or NS knows that. The skills become par..

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24 Jan, 2018

Everyone learns differently. You may find a particular skill or idea easy to get—but your best friend will struggle for days with it. Good teachers know that everyone learns differently, but they anticipate those difficulties in advance. They work with their students to ensure mastery, finding ways through, around, and over the difficulties. Driving requires the use of your mind, your senses,..

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