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With 20 years of experience, 11 locations, and over 50,000 students successfully educated, we are the #1 driving school in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Safety comes first for all of our students.

Why Choose RightLane

The RightLane portfolio has some of the first driver education schools in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia within its fold. We have deep roots in the communities in which we serve, now training a second generation of drivers within those communities.

Our instructors are experienced, mature individuals who come from careers with years of safety enforcement and teaching experience. We have retired police officers, driver examiners, school teachers, school bus drivers and truck driving instructors. We have primarily full time instructors and only a few part time instructors. Combined, they have literally hundreds of years of instructing experience. Isn’t this who you want your son or daughter to learn driving skills from?

We are proud to offer our students their driver training in new 2014 Honda Civics with enhanced safety features. In HRM, we are thrilled to be going GREEN with 2014 Hybrids. Our students drive safe, environmentally friendly and properly maintained vehicles. Our students safety and of the general driving public, is our first priority.
Teaching a student to pass a driver’s examination is very different from teaching the defensive driving skills which will keep a driver safe and collision-free for life. These skills can ONLY be acquired behind the wheel with an experienced mentor. Our training is interactive and relevant.

We believe that there are different types of learners. One size doesn’t fit all. We have experience teaching students from various cultural backgrounds. We conduct driving assessments for rehabilitation patients. Need more practice? Ask us about how we can customize a learning package to meet YOUR individual needs.