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Earn Driving Freedom

by becoming a safe driver

Worry-free, fun driving lessons for teens and adults

in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia!


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What RightLane
Have To Say

“Our overall experience with Right Lane has been wonderful right from the beginning!”
Rhonda, proud parent of Right Lane graduate
“I just wanted to thank you for everything you taught me because it saved my life yesterday.”
Kayla, proud Right Lane graduate!

How Do You Earn A Driver’s License?
It’s Simple


Join us for government approved in-classroom, online, or behind-the-wheel lessons taught by instructors who work one-on-one with each student and track progress individually.


Over a dozen certified driving instructors and fully staffed customer happiness team are dedicated to teaching you how to drive safely. Our drivers use late model Honda Civics only (for their safety ratings). We also use an industry-leading software that provides progress updates for drivers and their families.


Our courses include complete road test preparation prior to and during the day of the actual test. We’re there to guide you the whole way, from start to finish.

“I had a great experience with RightLane! They took me through the city and with my instructor I became much more confident in my driving and learned so much!!!”

Faith, proud RightLane graduate

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If you’ve read all the way to the bottom of this website, we applaud you for being so thorough in your search for the perfect driving school!

Over 25 years, we’ve graduated 50,000 safe drivers in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – and loved every minute of it! RightLane is a family business started in Riverview, and we are as dedicated to ensuring a safe and fun driving experience for your family as we are for our own. We can’t wait to hear from you!